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More than 3 million cars with LPG installation in Poland. It is estimated that by 2025 the number will grow to 4.5 million.


Poland is ranked 3rd in the world with the number of cars powered by LPG.


900 new LPG service stations in 2017 - increase by nearly 17%.


105 000 cars with a new LPG installation in 2017. Significant increase of interest in alternative fuels.

Alternative fuels in the automotive centre of Poland

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Poznań Motor Show

151,437 automotive fans in 2018
Present your solutions to the largest number of car users at the same time and place.

Kongres MOVE – Mobility & Vehicles

The most important conference about the future of the automotive industry in Poland. The event is actively participated in by representatives of the Ministries of Energy, Entrepreneurship and Technology and Infrastructure


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